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Executive Producers  Together Laurie and Monty Haas founded The Reading Railroad, authored and published Read it Aloud! A parent’s guide to sharing books with young children, and are the Executive Producers of Words that Cook! After the International Reading Association began co-distributing their book, they took two major steps:

(1) Deciding to start a television program to help focus parents and professionals nationwide on what parents can do at home to support their children’s literacy development, and

(2) Partnering with their sister organization, The National Coalition for Educational and Cultural Programs, to multiply the benefits their book can bring to families through child care professionals, and to establish a stable non-profit fiscal relationship for the funding of their television program.

Laurie Joy Haas

Laurie Joy Haas  Laurie is the co-Executive Producer of Words that Cook! who crafts the show’s unique blend of parents, kids and experts. She draws on a long history of communicating with children in ways that inspire them to express their innate abilities, which has been the foundation for her success as a specialist in afterschool programs. This same talent of listening and fostering trust and communication served her well as producer and alternate anchor of a three-year, weekly, hour-long international radio program that she helped to conceive, plan and implement - conducting interviews in the U.S., Europe, and Africa.


Todd A. DeBonis  In 2002 as Monty and Laurie began producing Words that Cook!, they were joined by veteran television producer Todd DeBonis, who acts as Senior Producer, Director & E.I.C. for the show, adding his wit and creative technical skills to craft the look of the program. In addition to his 25 years with CBS and ABC Network News travelling the world, Todd writes screenplays, children's programming, produces television commercials, broadcast programming and Websites through his company DVTVFilm. He is also the author of a new series of books for middle readers (8-12) titled: The Monkey King's Daughter.


Susan C. Minichiello joined the Words that Cook! team in May 2004 as an Associate Producer, developing and producing show content. Susan also researches and writes our recommended books summaries and the Potluck of Fun. She has worked in the fields of television production, foster care adoption, public relations and higher education. Children's literature has long been a passion for Susan, dating back to early read-aloud experiences with her parents to the time she began reading to herself at age three, through her college years when she studied under Dr. Miriam Marecek. With a master's degree in educational media and technology, a bachelor's degree in broadcasting and film, and six years of experience producing “Wednesday's Child” and writing newspaper columns about children, Susan's background and ideology are a perfect fit for Words that Cook!.



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