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Literacy Consultant Dr. Miriam Marecek recommends you:

  • Begin writing with a child's first name
  • Grow into learning the last name and initials
  • Remember, “mock writing” precedes real writing
  • Write together, taking turns
  • When writing interactively, let children write what they know
  • Add what children might not know
  • Encourage children to write every day
  • Start a home journal
  • Write back in journals of new writers
  • Remember, writing improves with practice


Like Katie Lyslo, a Wellesley College Graduate:


  • Go to book signings
  • Keep writing every day


Like Luisa Bonillas and her daughter:

  • Share some of your writings with your children
  • Look for journals when you travel
  • Try out different styles of journal writing
  • Always ask for permission to read a journal


Like Katie Frassinelli, a Book Artist:


  • Invent your own book covers
  • Come up with interesting topics for journals
  • Learn to make mini-books


Laurie Joy Haas, Executive Producer of Words that Cook!™ and co-author of Read it Aloud! A parent's guide to sharing books with young children, and Honey the Cookie-Bookie Bear suggest you:

  • Remember, invented spelling is an important stage of writing
  • Support children's attempts at writing
  • Let children show what they know
  • Help children when they ask for correct spellings


Like Juvenile Fiction Author Adrienne Ross and her daughter:

  • Ask each other questions to develop plots
  • Turn surroundings into stories
  • Talk about characters' perspectives
  • See how others use similes, metaphors and vocabulary
  • Read to compare different styles of writing
  • Look for ways to improve your writing



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